CBA Rights – Sick Leave


Sick Leave


Purpose: To establish policy and procedures concerning employee leaves.


  1. 8. Leaves Due to Illness/Injury
    1. Sick Leave
    2. Job-Related Illness/Injury
    3. Compulsory Leave

Only (a) Sick Leave is in this post. Next week: Job-Related Illness/Injury

  • Full-time employee receives 4 hours of sick leave for each pay period
  • Part-time receives sick leave at rate proportionate to the percent of time employed
  • Personal illness or exposure to contagious disease which would endanger others
  • Personal health care provider appointments
  • Illness/Injury of immediate family including same-sex domestic partner
  • Death of immediate family member including Bereavement Leave
  • If sick leave request exceeds 4 consecutive days or if pattern of absence is documented,
    FIU may require certification by health care provider for the absences
  • Employee with less than 10 years of service shall not be paid for unused sick leave
  • Compensation shall not be given if employment begins after July 1, 2006
  • Compensation is at the current regularly hourly rate of pay for 1/8 of all unused sick leave
    accrued prior to October 1, 1973, plus 1/4 of all unused sick leave accrued after October 1, 1973
    provided that accrued leave since 1973 does not exceed 480 hours
  • Employee may request in writing that sick leave be retained pending re-employment
  • Payments shall be made in lump sum
  • In the event of death, payment for unused sick leave shall be made to employee’s
    beneficiary, estate, or as provided by law

See: page 74 of
CBA 2015 – 2018
for further information

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