New Officers – 2019

New Executive Committee

March 5, 2019

executive council

At the March 5 chapter meeting, we elected new officers. The term for the new officers and executive committee begins on April 1, 2019. We welcome the following folks to the executive committee as representatives of UFF.

New Officers

Dan Saunders President
Kelley Rowan Vice President, MMC
Eric Dwyer Treasurer
Tania Santiago-Pérez Secretary

New Senators

We welcome the following people newly elected to the committee.

  • Jacob Berglin
  • Heather Blatt
  • Isaac Burt
  • Agatha Caraballo
  • Gerald Klonarides
  • Marcy Kravec
  • Pete Markowitz
  • Ramces Marsilli
  • Suchi Mishra
  • Melanie Morales
  • Carleen Vincent-Robinson

Returning Senators

We are pleased that some folks have opted to stay on the committee.

  • Tom Breslin
  • James Burns
  • Deanne Butchey
  • Lauren Christos
  • Eric Dwyer
  • Kelley Rowan
  • Tania Santiago-Pérez
  • Dan Saunders
  • Paul Sharp
  • Charles Shields
  • Marc Weinstein
  • Sheryl Weir-Lattty
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