Legislative Alert: HB 6001- Guns on Campus

UFF-FIU Legislative Affairs Committee
Legislative Alert
On Monday, November 30, State Representative Anthony Sabatini (R) prefiled HB 6001 for consideration by the State Legislature during the 2021 legislative session, which begins in March.
HB 6001 would remove an existing legal provision that prohibits concealed carry licensees from openly carrying a handgun or carrying a concealed weapon or firearm onto a college or university facility in the state. The bill, filed during the previous two legislative sessions, has drawn considerable opposition from higher education leaders in Florida and failed to pass both the 2019 and 2020 legislative sessions.
UFF-FIU urges that you contact your state legislators to register your opposition to HB 6001, a piece of legislation that will make our university more dangerous. The UFF-FIU Legislative Affairs Committee is tracking HB 6001, and will continue to report on it.
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