MOU Reminders: Pausing your tenure clock & vulnerability attestation

Pre-tenure faculty, we want to remind you that according to our ratified MOU, if you are in need of a pause in your tenure clock as a result of COVID-19, the deadline is October 16th. You will not be denied the pause in your tenure clock as a result of COVID-19. This October 16th deadline is to have the initial conversation with your Chair. A tenure pause is an acknowledgement by the University that COVID-19… Continue reading

MOU on Fall Faculty Work

We are very pleased to share our newly signed Memorandum of Understanding with the FIU administration concerning Fall faculty work. Moving forward, we are going to schedule a ratification vote for shortly after 9-month faculty are back on contracts and will be sending more information about that process in the coming weeks. We will also be scheduling a Q&A meeting about the agreement in the upcoming weeks. Click here to view the MOU in PDF form A… Continue reading

Important Dates for Evaluations & Assignments

From UFF-FIU Grievance Chair Eric Dwyer Assignments and evaluations: Be vigilant, even though it’s summer! While a good number of faculty do not have summer assignments, you still have summer obligations, namely to your annual evaluation and to your next assignment. Evaluation For those of you on 9-month contracts, your evaluation is due no later than June 25. According to the CBA, page 63, you have an opportunity to respond to the evaluation within 30… Continue reading

Spring MOU on Teaching/Research Evals, Tenure & Promotion, and Remote Teaching

As we continue to navigate the impacts of COVID-19 and act to minimize its disruption to our students and our own work, it is important that faculty rights established in the Collective Bargaining Agreement are not overlooked. With this in mind, the UFF-FIU bargaining team and the FIU Administration bargaining team have agreed to a second Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This MOU restates our previous agreement on instructional assignment, evaluations, and course ownership, and adds language on research evaluations and access to research spaces, as… Continue reading

Remote Work Agreement

On March 25th faculty received an email from Human Resources indicating that faculty must complete the Telework agreement. UFF-FIU believed that agreement did not accurately or reasonably reflect terms and conditions suitable for faculty during this temporary period of remote work, and we immediately began working with the Provost’s Office to create a more suitable policy that meets statutory requirements. Moving forward, we do want you to sign the agreement (you can access it through the… Continue reading

UFF-FIU FIU-BOT Memorandum of Understanding

Dear faculty, During this difficult and extraordinary period, when we are feeling the impacts of COVID-19 and acting to minimize its disruption to our students and our own work, it is important that faculty rights established in the Collective Bargaining Agreement are not overlooked. With this in mind, the UFF-FIU bargaining team and the FIU Administration bargaining team have agreed to the following Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to minimize the effects of decisions made such… Continue reading

Important Temporary Remote Work Message

NOTICE: The following message was crafted in response to the March 12th order from the Governor to move all instruction online. As of March 16th, FIU is further transitioning to remote work including the closing of libraries and other campus services. Please visit the FIU Coronavirus Reponse page for up-to-date information. UFF-FIU will continue to provide faculty with union updates as needed. Dear Faculty, Given the Governor’s decision to immediately transition to remote instruction until… Continue reading

2020 Tenure & Promotion Workshops

All FIU faculty are invited to join this year’s Tenure & Promotion Workshops on Wednesday, February 5th! The NTT promotion workshop will be held in the morning from 10am-noon, and the tenure workshop will be held in the afternoon from 1-4pm. All attendees are also invited for lunch at noon. Please RSVP by Feb 3rd at… Continue reading

Summary of Contract Changes for 2018-21

  Proposed Language Changes Proposed changes to the 2018-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement are listed below in color—either as additions or deletions. Page numbers are to the 2015-2018 CBA , and given new additions/deletions, they may change in the future. ARTICLE 11 SALARIES 2015-2018 CBA, p. 27 (a) 2015-2016 2018-2019 Salary Retention Increase. Effective on January 16, 2016 upon the faculty contract date for academic year 2018-2019, all eligible employees who were employed prior to July 1, 2015… Continue reading


    FIU Administrators Salaries for 1999 Name Title Old Salary New Salary ACIN ALFREDO Director 70783 72759 ADJOUADI MALEK Coordinator 111290 121626 AGUILAR MARTHA Coordinator 30015 33000 AGUIRRE NEYSA Specialist 44996 46260 AKENS CATHERINE Associate 47345 48687 ALAM MARIA Associate 60917 68883 ALAMCAMPO MIRIAM Assistant 58568 72826 ALESI PATRICIA Coordinator 28867 29860 ALLEN PAMELA Assistant 0 40000 ALMAGUER-ZAMORA WANDA Coordinator 0 31000 ALORRO SERAFIN Coordinator 28345 32205 ALVAREZ PATRICIA Coordinator 42334 52657 AMAYA MERCEDES… Continue reading