Important Dates for Evaluations & Assignments

From UFF-FIU Grievance Chair Eric Dwyer Assignments and evaluations: Be vigilant, even though it’s summer! While a good number of faculty do not have summer assignments, you still have summer obligations, namely to your annual evaluation and to your next assignment. Evaluation For those of you on 9-month contracts, your evaluation is due no later than June 25. According to the CBA, page 63, you have an opportunity to respond to the evaluation within 30… Continue reading


Grievance Policy AS OF NOVEMBER 4, 2008 THE UNION WILL NO LONGER PROVIDE INDIVIDUAL GRIEVANCE REPRESENTATION TO NON-MEMBERS. Unlike many other unions, UFF has in the past offered grievance representation to all bargaining unit members, whether or not they have chosen to join the union and pay membership dues. To help offset the costs of grievance representation, in the past UFF has required non-members merely to share the costs of taking their grievances to arbitration.… Continue reading