Koch Brothers

February 25: UnKoch Our Campus / Student Debt Crisis. The corporatization of the university means much higher tuition rates, a shift in conceptualizing education from being a public resource to being an opportunity for private gain, decreasing commitment of public resources to education, massive student debt, a shift from full-time to part time “adjunct” professors, and increasing corporate dictation of university curriculum and priorities. Continue reading

UnKoch My Campus

  In Granny D’s Footsteps UnKoch My Campus / Student Debt Crisis Project Rhana Bazinni, at the age of 82, walked from Sarasota to Tallahassee in an effort to educate the public and elected officials about the need for a Constitutional Amendment to take control of the nation away from multi-national corporations. A number of national activist groups advocating for a constitutional amendment supported her journey. Rae Claire Johnson of Pinellas County Move to Amend… Continue reading

Florida Legislature

  Knowledge Based Economy Find Your Legislators It is important that our legislators hear from all of us. Use the following links to find your senators and representative. Senators Representatives Talking Points Call them or send them an email. Include a short message about supporting a knowledge based economy in Florida. Here are some thoughts that you might include in your message. Investing in higher education is the fastest and strongest way to leave a… Continue reading