Become a leader

UFF-FIU is an entirely member-run union built on the collective action of our members and leadership. As your voice at FIU, we are always looking for faculty who are motivated to get involved to help improve the working conditions of their colleagues. There are different types of leaders in UFF-FIU:

  • Elected Leaders (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, UFF Senators, FEA Delegates)
  • Appointed Leaders (Committee Chairs)
  • Committee Members

There can be overlap, such as an elected leader who also serves as a Senator and leads a committee. The important thing is that there is a role for everyone, no matter how much time you have to give!

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of UFF-FIU is made up of the elected officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary), appointed Committee Chairs, and the immediate past Chapter President. The EC makes the day-to-day union decisions, oversees the Chapter budget, and meets with University officials. Serving on the EC is one of the best ways to make a direct impact on the union and develop the experience to be an effective leader for your colleagues.

Senators & Delegates

UFF Senators and FEA Delegates are elected to serve as representatives to the UFF and FEA legislative bodies, respectively. Their decisions help guide our statewide unions and their priorities. The UFF Senate meets twice a year and the FEA Delegates Assembly meets once a year typically in the fall. Both are usually held in either Tampa or Orlando; travel and hotel rooms are paid for by UFF. Becoming a Senator or Delegate is a great way to get your first experience as a member of UFF-FIU, meet fellow education union advocates from across the state, and make your voice heard for a bigger cause!

Chapter Council

The UFF-FIU Council is composed of the EC, plus all elected Senators and up to 3 at-large retired members of the FIU faculty. The purpose of the the Chapter Council is to provide consent to the appointments made by the President and consult the EC on the broader issues facing the union. The Chapter Council is directed to meet at least once per semester.


UFF-FIU has several standing committee tasked with carrying out our key objectives as a union. Serving on a committee is a low-pressure way to learn how the union works, and a great way to prepare for a leadership position in the future. The specific responsibilities and time commitments will vary based on the committee. Members interested in any of these topics are encouraged to reach out to the Chair to get more information on getting involved. Our current committees include:

  • Bargaining (also known as Contract Negotiation)
  • Grievance (also known as Contract Enforcement)
  • Membership (includes organizing membership drives and recruitment activities)
  • Good & Welfare (includes organizing social activities)
  • Legislative Affairs (includes organizing political action at the local, state, and national levels)

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