Report on how FIU spends its money

Dear Bargaining Unit Members,

The UFF Teach-in on How FIU Spends Its Money went
very well today. If you were unable to attend, the report is attached.
We are disseminating this information because we think it is important
for all FIU faculty to understand our administration’s priorities,
especially within the context of the ongoing budget crisis.

What our reports show is that the FIU administration has been shifting personnel and resources away from the faculty who do the teaching, research, and service that constitute the University’s mission. No matter how conservatively we analyze the data, the University has been increasing both the total numbers (98.6% over a 6 year period) and total salaries (106.1% over that period) of administrators relative to faculty (.5%; 10.7% respectively). Even when tuition and student fees increased by 57.7% funds have been steered away from students and those who are directly responsible for the academic mission of this University.

I urge you to read this report carefully. As we approach the difficult process of reorganization, program closures, and potential layoffs, please keep in mind that the FIU administration could make different choices in the face of budget shortfalls that do no more harm to the academic infrastructure and mission of this University.

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