Members of the Faculty Collective Bargaining Unit, To begin, let me report on two actions the UFF has taken that we hope will make the holidays brighter for at least some members of the bargaining unit. First, we have urged the administration to raise the salaries of faculty and librarians who were granted promotions in the spring, effective retroactively to the beginning of this academic year. The now expired state-wide bargaining agreement mandates 9% raises… Continue reading


Members of the Faculty Bargaining Unit,               I have excellent news.               You may remember that in early April the FIU administration declared “impasse” in the negotiations with the UFF.  That began a process that they thought would end with the Board of Trustees unilaterally imposing a new bargaining agreement on the faculty, one with all of the rights and protections of the previous agreement removed to university policy only,… Continue reading


Members of the Faculty Collective Bargaining Unit, Memorandum on Salaries I am happy to report that the UFF has reached a Memorandum of Understanding with the administration that will entitle all eligible bargaining unit members to a 4% across-the-board salary increase, effective March 4, 2005. This raise is not a bonus, but a 4% increase in base salary. The Memorandum of Understanding was reached despite the fact that the administration has declared bargaining to be… Continue reading


Members of the Faculty Collective Bargaining Unit, Administration Declares Impasse On Friday, April 8, only a few hours after the latest bargaining session ended, the FIU administration unilaterally declared an impasse in negotiations with the United Faculty of Florida. This action comes as no surprise. The whole attitude of the administration toward bargaining has been one of “take it or leave it” from the very beginning: take the proposal we are offering or we will… Continue reading


Members of the Faculty Collective Bargaining Unit, The March 18 Memorandum from the Provost and the President on collective bargaining was extremely disappointing. Released just hours after the end of a bargaining session between the administration and the UFF, the memo makes clear that the administration has no intention of backing off from its assault on the faculty. The Attacks Continue The administration continues to insist that the faculty rights and protections that have been… Continue reading


——————– FIU fight among professors, trustees escalates ——————– By Jennifer Peltz Staff Writer March 8, 2005 MIAMI *Faculty unrest is nearing a boiling point at Florida International University, where professors and trustees are facing off over how to protect professors’ interests in areas ranging from inventions to pay for teaching extra summer classes. The standoff has simmered through months of negotiations between the faculty union and administration. But both sides turned up the temperature Monday,… Continue reading


Posted on Tue, Mar. 08, 2005 EDUCATION Stalemate may hurt FIU med school push Tense negotiations on a contract have put FIU faculty members at odds with the board of trustees. A union leader warned that it could hinder chances for a medical school. By NOAH BIERMAN nbierman@herald.com Florida International University professors warned their board Monday that they are willing to declare ”war” with the administration and to threaten the university’s plans for a coveted… Continue reading


Sube de tono la confrontación interna en FIU KETTY RODRIGUEZ El Nuevo Herald El sindicato de profesores de la Universidad Internacional de la Florida (FIU) declaró ayer la guerra a su presidente, Modesto Maidique, y a la Junta de Fideicomisarios de la entidad por desacuerdos que perturban negociaciones contractuales, bajo riesgo de que los docentes pierdan derechos que han disfrutado por más de 20 años. Esta confrontación podría afectar la imagen de la FIU en… Continue reading


Remarks to Board of Trustees Good morning. My message this morning can be summarized like this: The Board of Trustees and the administration, because of your radical approach to collective bargaining, are heading for a major confrontation with the faculty. That confrontation is totally unnecessary. But that confrontation, if it happens, will do serious and lasting damage to FIU. We call upon you as stewards of the public trust to do your duty and prevent… Continue reading


Alan Gummerson’s Response to the Provost, March 5, 2005 Members of the Faculty Collective Bargaining Unit, Today (Saturday) at noon Provost Rosenberg sent out a memorandum on collective bargaining with the UFF. Let me respond to the points he makes there, specifically in the areas of tenure, academic freedom, salary proposals, removing faculty rights and protections from the bargaining agreement, and the harm that will come to FIU if the administration has its way. Before… Continue reading