Members of the Faculty Collective Bargaining Unit, In my last report I explained the attack on tenure that was contained in the Board of Trustees’ bargaining team’s proposals on lay-off. I am pleased to report that due to the overwhelming negative reaction on the part of the faculty to those proposals, the most offensive parts of them have been withdrawn. They are still not acceptable. While lip-service is given to not laying off tenured faculty… Continue reading


Members of the Faculty Collective Bargaining Unit, On May 7, 2004, after months of delay by the FIU administration, the UFF bargaining team met with the bargaining team for the FIU Board of Trustees to begin work on our first local Collective Bargaining Agreement. UFF is glad finally to be at the table. But we are troubled by the pace and direction of local bargaining. During the transition from a state SUS system to local… Continue reading


Members of the Faculty Bargaining Unit, The bargaining teams representing the United Faculty of Florida and the FIU Board of Trustees met for the second time on Friday, June 4, at the Kovens Center at the Biscayne Bay Campus. There is both good news and bad news to report. On the good news side, we were able to agree on dates for four upcoming bargaining sessions between now and mid-July: June 28, June 30, July… Continue reading


Members of the Faculty Collective Bargaining Unit, In my last report I was able to report both good and bad news. This time, I’m afraid I can’t be so positive. (Previous bargaining reports are archived at http://www.uff-fiu.org/nindex.php/uff.bargaining.html.) The good news then was that after dragging their feet all spring, the negotiating team representing the Board of Trustees had finally scheduled four eight-hour bargaining sessions between June 28 and July 16. We hoped that serious progress… Continue reading