CBA Rights – Performance

  Performance Evaluations BOT-UFF POLICY EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION (B) Annual Evaluation Procedures. (1) Annually, the department chair or supervisor will prepare a written evaluation of all employees. (2) The proposed written annual evaluation, including the employee’s annual assignment furnished pursuant to the BOT-UFF Policy on Assignment of Responsibilities, shall be provided to the nine-month employee within forty-five (45) days after the end of the academic year for such evaluation will be made, or in the… Continue reading

CBA Rights – Assignment

Assignment of Repsonibilities BOT-UFF POLICY ASSIGNMENT OF RESPONSIBILITIES Purpose: To describe principles and considerations governing assignment of professional responsibilities for employees. 6. Place of Employment. (A) Principal. Each employee shall be assigned one principal place of employment, as stated in the initial letter of offer. Where possible, an employee shall be at least nine (9) months notice of a change in principal place of employment. The employee shall be granted, upon written request, a conference… Continue reading