where do dues go?

By contributing just 1% of your regular salary to your membership, you're making an important contribution to the health of not just our local union but also our partner unions across the state and country.

Dues Breakdown

A portion (currently 8%) of UFF-FIU's dues are returned to our Chapter and used for daily operations. This includes technological infrastructure (e.g. our website), membership recruitment and advertising , food and beverages for chapter meetings & social events, research for bargaining and grievance, advertising, and UFF-FIU "swag" for our members.

Affiliate Dues

A larger portion of our dues are collected by UFF to fund the statewide local and to pay for our membership in affiliate unions. Membership to these broader unions brings additional member benefits, fund political action campaigns at the state and national level, and provides members access to leadership training, union conferences, and collective action activities. Our chapter can also apply for additional funds from UFF to subsidize our recruitment and training efforts here at FIU.

Fiscal Responsibility to Members

The Treasurer and Executive Committee collaborate on a budget that they present to the Chapter Council. The Chapter budget is then presented to the Chapter at the Chapter body meeting for approval. Throughout the year, the Treasurer makes regular financial reports at monthly EC meetings, and additional information is available upon request.

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