why join uff?

Why You Should Join the United Faculty of Florida

  • Because the UFF negotiates with the FIU administration the collective bargaining agreement
    that determines our salaries and conditions and terms of employment
  • Because more members means a stronger union and a better agreement
  • Because the collective bargaining agreement has the status of law, and is therefore
    enforceable by the grievance and arbitration procedure
  • Because without a grievance procedure, the only way to defend your rights would be for
    you to hire a lawyer and sue the university over issues like academic freedom, assignments,
    evaluations, leaves, tenure, discrimination, discipline, intellectual property rights,
    summer pay, and a host of others
  • Because without the union, the administration will impose a top-down corporate management
    structure, which would treat us as expendable employees, rather than the collegial
    governance approach the union is trying to defend
  • Because membership brings a $1 million liability insurance policy, in case you are sued
    in connection with your job
  • Because you have a free consultation with an attorney on non-employment related issues,
    and reduced attorney charges if you need to retain one
  • Because you can save hundreds of dollars a year on your auto and home insurance

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