CBA Rights – Performance


Performance Evaluations


(B) Annual Evaluation Procedures.

  1. (1) Annually, the department chair or supervisor will prepare a written evaluation of all employees.
  2. (2) The proposed written annual evaluation, including the employee’s annual assignment
    furnished pursuant to the BOT-UFF Policy on Assignment of Responsibilities, shall be provided
    to the nine-month employee within forty-five (45) days after the end of the academic year for
    such evaluation will be made, or in the case of 12 month employees within 45 days of the end of
    the 12 month period
    for which the evaluation is made. The employee shall be offered the opportunity
    (during the thirty day (30) period following receipt of the proposed annual evaluation) to discuss
    the evaluation with the evaluator prior to its being finalized
    and placed in the employee’s
    evaluation file. The evaluation shall be signed and dated by the person performing the evaluation,
    and by the person being evaluated, who may attach a concise comment to the evaluation.
    A copy of the evaluation shall be provided to the employee. The employee may request, in writing
    a meeting with the administrator at the next higher level to discuss concerns regarding the
    evaluation that were not resolved in previous discussions with the evaluator.
    (see: pg 58 of
    Collective Bargaining Agreement)

Common issues:

  • Failure to receive evaluation within this 45 day window is a contract violation
  • 45 & 30 days – definition of day is every single day, including weekends
  • ‘attach a concise comment to the evaluation’ – Please do this
  • ‘request a meeting with the administrator, in writing’ – Please do this
  • Signing the evaluation does NOT mean you agree with it, it simply means you have received it. Rule of Thumb: Comply first, grieve later. Sign it and then follow the process.
  • Contact me with any questions or concerns, and please remember to contact your union first not last.



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