Remote Work Agreement

On March 25th faculty received an email from Human Resources indicating that faculty must complete the Telework agreement. UFF-FIU believed that agreement did not accurately or reasonably reflect terms and conditions suitable for faculty during this temporary period of remote work, and we immediately began working with the Provost’s Office to create a more suitable policy that meets statutory requirements. Moving forward, we do want you to sign the agreement (you can access it through the “Employee” tab in, as it outlines the some of the rights and responsibilities faculty have during this temporary period while also explicitly stating that it does not supersede the CBA. Additionally, we believe it provides essential protections for faculty as we all try to navigate this emergency.

Faculty Telework Agreement

Faculty agrees to follow University directives concerning required remote work and all applicable statutes, regulations, policies, procedures, and guidelines including those in this agreement. This agreement does not supersede the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Faculty assignments remain the same as when working under normal university operations. Faculty must continue to actively work to meet their teaching, research, and service obligations, with specific attention to continued instruction required to meet course objectives. The instructor of record continues to have the autonomy and academic freedom to determine how best to achieve course goals within remote settings.

While working remotely and under contract, faculty will:

  • To the degree possible remain accessible in ways consistent with their schedule during normal university operations.
  • Communicate issues, needs, and concerns with their department chair.
  • Engage with remote program, department, chair/director, college, and university meetings consistent with their engagement during normal university operations.
  • Not be required to report to campus in a declared emergency until such emergency is lifted and communicated by the University or proper health and safety precautions are in place and communicated to the faculty.

Security, Space, and Maintenance of Equipment

  • The University shall not require any changes, modifications, or impose any requirements on faculty’s remote work locations.
  • The University shall provide reasonable technology and materials required for faculty to meet their teaching, research, and service obligations. The University shall not impose any requirement on faculty to purchase or otherwise secure materials required for meeting their assignment.
  • Faculty agrees to continue to comply with FIU IT security policies and protect University-owned equipment from unauthorized modification or destruction. All FIU equipment will be serviced and maintained by FIU to the extent possible given the limitations imposed by the current health emergency. Equipment provided by the employee will be at no cost to FIU and will be maintained by the employee.
  • Faculty agrees to report to their department chair any incidents of loss, damage, or unauthorized access at the earliest reasonable opportunity, including any work-related accidents.
  • Faculty understands that all equipment, records, and materials provided by the University shall remain the property of the University.

Costs:  FIU will not be responsible for normal operating costs, home maintenance, or any other incidental costs (e.g., utilities, internet, etc.), associated with the use of the employee’s residence for remote work. FIU will be responsible for costs associated with necessary instructional technologies faculty communicate to and which are approved by their department chair.

Termination of Agreement:  This agreement shall only be terminated upon agreement between the University and UFF-FIU and after the health emergency has been declared over and proper health and safety precautions have been instituted to ensure a safe on-campus working environment.

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