MOU on Spring Faculty Work

We are happy to announce that we have a signed MOU for the Spring 2021 semester. One major change from the previous MOUs is a change in language from a “self-identified COVID-19 related health concern” to a self-identified COVID-19 health vulnerability.” This was changed to be consistent with language used in the BOT-approved campus repopulation plan. We are confident that faculty will maintain the same level of protection that we all shared under the previous language.

Click here to view the PDF of the entire MOU (AMD Oct 1).

Faculty requesting continued remote work for Spring 2021 are asked to attest to “a self-identified health vulnerability” in their My.FIU account. The request, which will automatically be approved, will go directly to HR, and your supervisor will receive an email (with the faculty member cc’d) notifying them of the remote work assignment for the semester. This process, along with screenshots, is linked here and  described below. The tile and process for attestation in My.FIU will go live shortly. (Update 9/24: the Remote Work tile is now active)

All in-unit faculty requesting a remote assignment for Spring 2021 must attest to a self-identified vulnerability through My.FIU by December 7th, 2020. See instructions below.

We are going to schedule an online ratification vote for the Spring MOU in the near future and will be sending information regarding the Q&A sessions and voting dates in the coming weeks. Faculty will be encouraged to attend one of the Q&A sessions to address any concerns they have or to receive any clarification they need on the content of the MOU.

Thank you to the both the UFF-FIU and FIU-BOT bargaining teams for their work and commitment to interest-based bargaining. We are setting the national example of a union’s response to COVID-19, and we are proud of what we have accomplished in this regard. Please contact us should you have any questions regarding the MOU.

Faculty Remote Attestation for Spring 2021 (How to request a remote assignment)

    1. 1. Login to
    1. 2. On your Faculty Portal, click the “Remote Teach/Work” tile.

    1. 3. Click on the remote attestation tile on this page.

    1. 4. Click on the “Remote Attestation Spring 2021” to open the full attestation.

    1. 5. Complete the form by typing in your name, clicking the “I Attest” checkbox, and clicking “Save.”

    1. 6. Once you have saved the attestation, the form will appear as “view-only” with grayed-out boxes.

    1. 7. The request will automatically be approved and will go directly to HR. Your supervisor will receive an email (with the faculty member cc’d) notifying them of the remote work assignment for the semester.
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