Highlights from the Fall Chapter Meeting

Thank you for everyone who attended our Fall Chapter Meeting via Zoom and made their voice heard as members of the union!

If you could not attend, you can find the meeting minutes here.


  • Final push to GOTV for the General Election. Remind your family, friends and students! The AFTVotes bus tour will be visiting Miami on Sunday, November 1st (see the flier here for details on the event)
  • “Big book” bargaining is ongoing to renegotiate the entirety of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The UFF Bargaining Team will be administering a survey to the entire unit. All Bargaining sessions are posted on our website calendar and are public, so please contact bargaining@uff-fiu.org if you wish to attend.
  • The Grievance Committee has been approached with issues of equity and retaliation. Regarding all grievances, it is important to have documented evidence (e.g. emails, recordings, etc.) in order to move forward.
  • Membership is currently around 44% of the total bargaining unit. The Membership Committee is working to reach out to faculty, particularly new hires, however it is most useful to connect with people in similar departments or fields. Please contact membership@uff-fiu.org if you would like to help with recruitment efforts!


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