2021 Florida Legislative Session

Important Dates:

  • February 26 – 5:00 p.m., deadline for approving final drafts of general bills and joint resolutions,
    including companion bills
  • March 2 – Regular Session convenes; 12:00 noon, deadline for filing bills for introduction
  • April 20 (50th day) – last day for regularly scheduled committee meetings
  • April 30 (60th day) – last day of Regular Session

Bills We Are Tracking:

SB 78/HB 947: Union Dues
UFF is against SB 78 and HB 947. These bills are an unnecessary burden on public unions and disrespects members’ decision to join their union, a constitutional right in the State of Florida. Read more about the bills here.

SB 1014/HB 835: Union Membership
UFF is against both bills as they specifically target education unions, disrespect our members’ choice to join their union, and cost the state unnecessary money. Read more about the bills here.

SB 264/HB 233: Academic Freedom Survey
UFF is against both bills as it opens the door to political intimidation in our classrooms and creates a chilling effect on academic freedom. Read more about the bills here.

SB 220: Secret Presidential Searches
UFF is against SB 220 as it removes Presidential searches from “the sunshine.” Read more about this bill here.


HB 123/6001: Guns on Campus
UFF is against HB 123/6001. Read more about this bill here.

SB 886: End High Stakes Testing
UFF supports SB 886. Read more about this bill here.

SB 86: Financial Aid for Certain Degrees
UFF is against SB 86. Read more about this bill here.

SB 84: Florida Retirement System
UFF is against SB 84. Read more about this bill here.

Take Action:

  • Track bills by visiting Florida Senate Tracker! The tracker will send you email updates on when a bill is put on an agenda, moves through committees, or is voted upon.
  • Visit the FEA Legislative Session Page! There you can view the schedule for the week ahead and find tools for engaging with your legislators.
  • Contact your legislators! We need your help writing and calling members to let them know what educators need. FEA has put together a UFF Legislative Toolkit with talking points and other information to help. Contact our Legislative Affairs Committee if you have questions on how to do this.
  • Follow UFF on social media! Throughout the session, we will be updating faculty on the progress of bills pertinent to higher education and how you can help.
  • Donate to UFF-PAC! You can make a one-time or recurring PAC donation to help UFF and FEA lobby for positive, bi-partisan change in Tallahassee by clicking the button below.


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