Post-Tenure Review Teach-In

The Florida State legislature is moving forward with HB 999/SB 266. Among other things, passage of this legislation will allow the Board of Trustees to launch a post-tenure review of any tenured faculty member at any time. An “unsatisfactory” on this review can lead to immediate dismissal.

Only an independent faculty union can protect our rights. And this is where you can do something. Proposed Senate Bill 256 would require decertification of our faculty union UFF-FIU if our membership density is below 60%. Currently, our membership density is 48%. Together these proposed changes will eliminate tenure, due process, and make all faculty “at-will” employees.

Join us today from 7-8pm on zoom for a teach-in on the BOG’s post-tenure review regulation. Note that today is the last day to get your comments in!

Zoom Meeting: Link
Passcode: 746646

If you are not already a member of UFF-FIU, join today: Join UFF-FIU

If you are already a member, share the link with others.

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