Guns On Campus

  Filing of Guns on Campus Bill Senator Greg Steube of Sarasota filed the Guns on Campus legislation last year. He now replaces Miguel de la Portilla as Judiciary Committee Chair. DLP has kept the bill from going to the Senate floor for the last two years. However, the Committee make-up is in favor of halting the bill again, with four Democrats, and Miami-Dade Republicans Anitere Flores and Rene Garcia. Phone calls supporting no guns… Continue reading


Governor Rick Scott and a majority of Florida legislators are pushing dramatic reductions in the jobs and benefits of state university faculty while passing new tax breaks for corporations. Last year state university faculty were forced to pay 3% into their retirement. Apparently this was not enough–the Legislature is back for an additional 2% of your salary. Make no mistake, Governor Scott is looking for ways to eliminate union contracts and keep us from functioning.… Continue reading


From the President January 2012 Dear United Faculty of Florida Members: Last week – Week Three of the 2012 Legislative Session – UFF-FIU Vice President Teresa Lucas and I spent two full days in Tallahassee advocating for Faculty, FIU, and Higher Education. On Tuesday we visited the offices of all the Senators in the Miami-Dade and Broward delegation as well as the Senators that attended the UFF/UF Miami Dade dinner that we hosted last December.… Continue reading