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UFF-FIU Webmail


If you are an officer or a senator for UFF-FIU, then you are eligible for an e-mail account
at www.uff-fiu.org. This account should already have been created for you. If you did not
receive your account notification, or have forgotten your password, then please contact the


Please do not read your UFF-FIU e-mail from a mail server that is supplied by FIU. In other
words, please don’t read your UFF-FIU e-mail from your office. Please do not read UFF-FIU
e-mail from your home computer if you are using an e-mail server provided by FIU.


There are several web-based e-mail programs available from UFF-FIU. All of them can be reached
from http://www.uff-fiu.org/webmail. You will be
required to enter a username and password. These should already have been sent to you.

Please note that the user name is: first.last.


From the access page you can change your password.


From the access page, you can request that your UFF-FIU e-mail be forwarded to antoher account.
Please do not forward your account to a mailbox at FIU. If the webmaster discovers such
a forward, it will be removed.


If you would like to read your UFF-FIU e-mail from a different e-mail client, then the name of the server is mail.uff-fiu.org. This address will accept POP3. If you would like to use IMAP4, then the server is mail.server277.com. The user name to use for the
e-mail client will be first.last@uff-fiu.org. This server also needs TLS on port 993 with authentication.
server settings

Be sure that your outgoing server (SMTP server) is not set to an FIU server. You can also use
mail.uff-fiu.org or mail.server277.com as your outgoing server. Port 587 and STARTTLS are the settings for the outgoing server. Use the same server that you used for the incoming server. In order to be sure that you are authorized to send mail through the server, always check your mail just before you send
a message.

Deleting Messages

Please keep your mailboxes free of clutter. We have to pay for all the space that we use, so please
delete messages that you no longer need.

To delete a lot of messages at once, increase the number of messages displayed on each page.

  1. Log into webmail.
  2. Select the Options tab at the top of the page.
  3. Select the General Options link.
  4. Set the Number of items per page: to a value from 10 to 1000.
  5. Click the Update button at the bottom of the page.

Next, use advanced search to select messages.

  1. Click the Advanced Search link in the upper left area of the page.
  2. Enter search criteria. To select old messages, set the to and from date fields.
  3. Click the Search button.
  4. Click Select All on the result page and then delete them. Since you increased the number
    messages displayed per page, you will be able to delete multiple messages at once.

This will delete all the messages from the folder. When you are done, be sure to
delete all the messages in the Trash folder, since all the messages you deleted are still
in that folder.


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