Faculty Survey

On December 2nd, 2020, faculty were invited to complete the UFF-FIU Faculty Survey via Qualtrics. The survey was designed to help the union have a better understanding of faculty experiences at FIU and faculty’s priorities as we negotiated a new contract. All responses were kept confidential and results were be reported in the aggregate.

An executive summary and results of the survey were published on February 3rd. We received 579 responses (response rate = 42.3%), which is extremely high for an online survey and one conducted at the end of an extremely challenging semester. Demographic responses indicate that the respondents are representative of the bargaining unit in terms of title, rank, gender identity, racial/ethnic identity, and contract length. The report contains the overall item-by-item results of the survey, and can be found here.

Past Reports on “How FIU Spends its Money”

Every few years, UFF-FIU commissions labor and economic policy experts to analyze trends in Florida International University (FIU)
expenditures on faculty and administration personnel. Particular attention is given to the changes in the number, composition, and salaries of faculty and administrators at FIU in the context of increasing university expenditures and rising student enrollment, and changes in tuition revenue.

Over the years, our reports show that the FIU administration has been shifting personnel and resources away from the faculty who do the teaching, research, and service that constitute the University’s mission. No matter how conservatively we analyze the data, the University has been increasing both the total numbers and total salaries of administrators relative to faculty. Furthermore, faculty’s share of
personnel expenditures has declined as the share of administration personnel expenditures has increased. Even when tuition and student fees increased, funds have been steered away from students and those who are directly responsible for the academic mission of this University.

We urge you to read these reports carefully. As we approach the difficult process of negotiating the CBA, including salary increases for faculty, keep in mind that the FIU administration can make different choices in the face of budget constraints to improve the academic infrastructure and mission of this University.

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