who can be a member?

Anyone who is part of the UFF-FIU Bargaining Unit, the group governed by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) specified in Appendix A, can be a member of UFF-FIU! This includes around 1,300 faculty, though the exact number fluctuates each year. Our Bargaining Unit is made up of a wide array of faculty, including professors, teaching professors and instructors, lecturers, researchers, librarians, and some administrative employees (associate and assistant chairs).

While Chairpersons and other administrative positions (listed below) are excluded from the Bargaining Unit, and are therefore not covered by the CBA during their tenure, they still can pay dues to UFF! This also entitles them to the same external membership benefits as members and helps support the mission of the union. However, since Chairs are not covered by the CBA, they cannot file grievances.

Excluded from the CBA

Chairs, deans, associate deans, assistant deans, directors, and all administrators above them are excluded from the Bargaining Unit regardless of faculty status. Additionally, all employees of the School of Law, all employees of the College of Medicine, Chairman of the Faculty Senate serving on the board of trustees, managerial and confidential employees, and all other employees of The Board of Trustees of the Florida International University are excluded from the bargaining unit.

The UFF-FIU CBA also does not include FIU postdoctoral associates or adjunct faculty. We encourage anyone not part of the bargaining unit, but interested in being part of United Faculty of Florida, to inquire about At-Large membership. Certain FIU staff may be included in the AFSCME bargaining unit and should contact their union representatives about membership.

Retired Members

Leaving FIU doesn’t have to mean the end of your UFF membership! Many faculty members decide to join UFF as retired members in order to stay connected to the union that has worked so hard for their benefit. Retired membership involves a one-time fee, and members can participate in the UFF Senate and continue to play a role in shaping UFF’s actions. Please contact the UFF-Retired Chapter President for more information on how to join.

Furthermore, Retired Members can be appointed to our local’s Chapter Council to help influence the policy of the Chapter. Please see the Chapter Bylaws for more information on the responsibilities of the Chapter Council.

Membership Cancellation

UFF-FIU members will remain members until they (1) revoke their membership or (2) are not part of the bargaining unit for two consecutive semesters (i.e. Fall-Spring, Spring-Summer, or Summer-Fall).

To cancel your membership, please email HR Benefits and CC membership@uff-fiu.org. Note that according to state statute (§ 447.303), deductions are revocable at the employee’s request upon 30 days’ written notice to the employer and employee organization.

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