CBA Rights – Requesting Leave


Request for Leave


Purpose: To establish policy and procedures concerning employee leaves.


  1. Requests for a Leave or Extension of Leave of One (1) Semester or More.
    1. For a leave of one (1) semester or more, an employee shall make a written request
      not less than 120 days prior
      to the beginning of the proposed leave, if practicable.
    2. For an extension of a leave of one (1) semester or more, an employee shall make a
      written request not less than sixty (60) days before the end of the leave, if practicable.
    3. The University shall approve or deny such request in writing not later than thirty (30)
      days after
      receipt of the request.
    4. An absence without approved leave or extension of leave shall subject the employee
      to the provisions of Section 7 of the BOT-UFF Policy on Disciplinary Action and Job
    5. An employee’s request for use of leave for an event covered by the provisions of
      the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993 (Public Law 103-3) shall be submitted
      and responded to in accordance with the provisions of Section 6 of this Policy.
  2. Return from Leave. An employee who returns from an approved leave of absence with or
    without pay shall be returned to the same classification, unless the University and the
    employee agree in writing to other terms and conditions. The return from FMLA leave shall
    be in accordance with Section 6 of this Policy.
  3. Accrual During Leave with Pay. An employee
    shall accrue normal leave credits while on
    compensated leave in full-pay status, or while participating in the sabbatical or professional
    development programs. If an employee is on compensated leave in less than full-pay status for
    other than sabbaticals or professional development programs, the employee shall accrue leave
    in proportion to the pay status.
  4. Tenure Credit During Periods of Leave. Semester(s) during which an employee
    is on compensated
    or uncompensated leave for more than twenty (20) days shall not be creditable for the purpose
    of determining eligibility for tenure, except
    by mutual agreement of the employee and the
    University. In deciding whether to credit such leave toward tenure eligibility, the President
    or designee shall consider the duration of the leave, the relevance of the employee’s activities
    while on such leave to the employee’s professional development and to the employee’s field of
    employment, the benefits, if any, which accrue to the University by virtue of placing the
    employee on such leave, and other appropriate factors.

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