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Legislative Update

legislative update

House and Senate budget conferees met throughout the weekend after
agreement was reached on allocations to the various budget entities.
This Legislative Update was delayed to report on those activities as it
relates to higher education. Unfortunately, some of the compromises made
are potentially harmful to UFF members. Note: The final 2017 Legislative
Update will probably be on May 8th should session end on time.

Check the progress of the following:

  • Details of the 2017-18 budget.
  • SB 374 – College Completeness Act
  • SB 7030 – Florida Retirement System
  • SB 1276, HB 1073 – Fee Waiver for Graduate Students
  • HB 11 – Union Decertificiation
  • HB 351 – Secret Executive Searches
  • SB 622, HB6005 – Guns on Campus
  • HB 7007 – State Employee Health Insurance

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