Executive Summary of 2022-23 Reopeners

UFF-FIU and the FIU administration have concluded bargaining on reopeners for the 2022-2023 contract year. Negotiations began in the spring and concluded on August 31st, 2022.

Join us for an informational Zoom meeting (Zoom Link), Monday, September 12, 1-2pm.

Though numerous items were discussed at length in these months, three were ultimately closed:

Article 11, Salaries

Final agreement: 1.5% across-the-board increase to the base with $1500.00 minimum; one-time across-the-board inflation relief payment of $1500.00.

Because of the minimum, all in-unit faculty earning a base annual salary of less than $100,000.00 will receive a raise of more than 1.5%. The mean increase across the unit is 1.9%.

See the bargaining history for Article 11, Salaries below for more details.

See the Tentative Agreement.

BOT-UFF Policy on Non-Reappointment:

Cosmetic revisions (changes “probationary period” to “improvement period”); moves misplaced sub-paragraph 2-a-ii.

See the Non-reappointment Document for all changes.

See the Tentative Agreement.

BOT-UFF Policy on Evaluations:

Closed with no changes.

Bargaining history for Article 11, Salaries:

The most recent collective bargaining agreement ratified in September of 2021 contained a provision for an across-the-board salary of increase of 2% with a $2000 minimum for the 2022-2023 academic year, conditional on the availability of funds sufficient to cover the raise. If those funds were not available, then negotiations must reopen.

On 7/28/22, the administration formally reported that sufficient funds to cover the agreed-upon raise were not available, owing to budget cuts and declining enrollments. The administration offered a $3500 one-time payment instead.

UFF countered with a proposal of a $3500 one-time payment in year one a 5.38% across-the-board raise (the same amount received by state employees outside of education) in year two.

On 8/4/22, the administration countered with a $2000 one-time payment in year one and a 2% across the board / $2000 minimum in year two.

On 8/11/22, UFF proposed 1.5% / $1500 minimum & $2000.00 one-time payment in year one and 2.5% / $2500 minimum (non-contingent) in year two.

On 8/18/22, the administration offered 1.5% / $1500 minimum & $1000.00 one-time payment in year one, with no year two. UFF countered with 1.5% / $1500 min & $1500.00 one-time payment. This proposal was accepted by the administration.

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