Freedom To Teach – Freedom To Learn

Freedom of speech and inquiry, as well as freedom from censorship and intimidation, are essential for the success of all educational environments. With its vague language and abstract prohibitions on what (or how) faculty can teach topics related to race and gender, HB 7 is designed to create a “chilling effect” by silencing discussion of topics that make people in power uncomfortable.

The HB-7 Taskforce is hosting a series of meetings where we’ll offer a forum for our members to help determine the union’s course of action. Then on August 26th we’ll hold an open chapter council meeting where chapter council members will vote on a strategy for fighting HB-7.

We’re hosting meetings at different times and in different modalities because it is imperative that we hear from every union member in developing our strategy. Register for a Zoom session below or send an email to to register for an in-person meeting and encourage your colleagues to do the same.

August 9, 3pm (Zoom: Registration Link)
August 11, 7pm (Zoom: Registration Link)
August 15, 4pm (Zoom: Registration Link)
August 18, 12pm (In person, location to be determined. Send email to to register. Food provided.)
August 24, 10:00 am (In person, location to be determined. Send email to to register.)
August 25, 3:30pm (Zoom: Registration Link)

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