Avoid Decertification

Dear Colleagues, Please join the union (UFF-FIU) by January 24 to avoid the decertification of the union. Last year, the state legislature passed a requirement that some public sector unions maintain a density of at least 60% membership to continue to be recognized as the bargaining agent. All members must be signed up for e-dues by no later than January 24th to be counted toward the numbers we need to avoid decertification. While membership numbers… Continue reading

Freedom To Teach – Freedom To Learn

Freedom of speech and inquiry, as well as freedom from censorship and intimidation, are essential for the success of all educational environments. With its vague language and abstract prohibitions on what (or how) faculty can teach topics related to race and gender, HB 7 is designed to create a “chilling effect” by silencing discussion of topics that make people in power uncomfortable. The HB-7 Taskforce is hosting a series of meetings where we’ll offer a… Continue reading

Take Action Against HB 1197

In the final days of the session, the legislative assault on your union rights has been renewed. HB 1197, which is currently being fast-tracked through the Florida Senate, would prohibit you from having your union dues deducted via payroll deduction. The legislation requires union chapters with membership below 50% of those eligible to join to petition the Public Employees Relations Commission for recertification.   The Senate Rules Committee will be taking HB 1197 tomorrow, Tuesday… Continue reading

UFF Statewide Day of Action – Protect Higher Ed!

Dear UFF Members, Florida politicians who don’t believe in science are putting politics before public safety. Instead of keeping our most vulnerable communities safe and healthy, Florida’s Governor is trying to prohibit mask mandates and threatening to defund schools implementing protective measures in the classroom. At UFF we believe that the power of collective action is what makes us strong, so on August 16th, we encourage you to express your power by joining with your… Continue reading

End-of-semester Newsletter from the President

Dear Colleagues, I am afraid this email may be a little lengthy, as it has been a while, and a million things have changed, and it’s the end of the semester and more things are changing, and I’m not exactly sure how many actual functioning brain cells are left in my head. I do want to say Congratulations on making it through day 389 of March 2020! It has been a long semester, a long year, and I know… Continue reading

Highlights from the Spring Chapter Meeting

Thank you for everyone who attended our Spring Chapter Meeting via Zoom and made their voice heard as members of the union! If you could not attend, you can find the meeting minutes here. Highlights: Legislative Affairs (Chair, Jim Burns) The 2021 Florida Legislative Session is well underway and anti-union bills are moving through committees and to the floor at a fast pace. We need all of the membership active in contacting their state Senators and… Continue reading


Thousands of United Faculty of Florida members from across the state have already taken action to stop SB 78, but we need everyone to make their voices heard before Thursday morning’s Senate Rules committee meeting! How to take action: 1) Go to the FEA website 2) Enter your street address 3) Click on the email button 4) Compose an email using the talking points listed 5) Click “send email” to email all the members of… Continue reading

Stand in Solidarity with UFF colleagues at St. Leo and Pensacola State

Members of UFF-FIU and and FIU community, we ask you to stand in solidarity and take action to support our colleagues at Saint Leo University and Pensacola State College: In October 2020, Saint Leo University’s Board of trustees unilaterally disbanded the union that had existed for forty years. Sign the petition against the actions to erase their contractual rights! Pensacola State College re-opened in January 2021 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and faculty have protested unsafe… Continue reading

Legislative Alert: SB 264 – Academic Freedom

What is SB 264: Higher Education? SB 264 would require Florida’s public colleges and universities to administer an “intellectual diversity” survey every year with results to be published by the State Board of Education. It also has a “companion bill” in the House, HB 233. Why are FEA and UFF opposed to SB 264? For the third straight year, the text of this bill has been introduced. SB 264 is another bill in search of a… Continue reading