Avoid Decertification

Dear Colleagues,

Please join the union (UFF-FIU) by January 24 to avoid the decertification of the union.

Last year, the state legislature passed a requirement that some public sector unions maintain a density of at least 60% membership to continue to be recognized as the bargaining agent. All members must be signed up for e-dues by no later than January 24th to be counted toward the numbers we need to avoid decertification. While membership numbers hover close to 60%, we are NOT in the safe zone yet. We need more memberships to pass to the safety zone. If you have not already signed up to become a union member, please click here, Member Portal | Florida Education Association (floridaea.org), to help save our contract and union. Please fill out all the information on the form so that your submission goes through and your membership counts towards the numbers we need to avoid decertification.

Listening Sessions
The bargaining team is also continuing with their listening sessions this week for feedback on big book bargaining. The next session is Tuesday, January 23rd @ 2pm (BBC, AC2 room 115).

In solidarity,
Eric Scarffe

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