Take Action Against HB 1197

In the final days of the session, the legislative assault on your union rights has been renewed. HB 1197, which is currently being fast-tracked through the Florida Senate, would prohibit you from having your union dues deducted via payroll deduction. The legislation requires union chapters with membership below 50% of those eligible to join to petition the Public Employees Relations Commission for recertification.


The Senate Rules Committee will be taking HB 1197 tomorrow, Tuesday March 8th, with a possible vote on the Senate floor on Thursday March 10th. This bill is moving through the Senate without any opportunity for public comment.


HB 1197 is a direct attack on your union and your right to organize. Please contact your state senator to register your opposition to HB 1197. For more information please visit the UFF website at https://myuff.org/call-your-senator-today/


Action is needed today.

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