Collective Bargaining Update

Collective BargainingAs we reported earlier, the UFF-FIU and the FIU Administration have concluded negotiations on a three-year contract (2015-2018). We will be scheduling information and ratification meetings in January. Here is a summary of the negotiations:

Please note that the agreement on salaries applies only for the 2015-16 academic year. Salary is considered a “mandatory re-opener,” which means

that unless explicitly agreed to otherwise, it must be negotiated every year. The proposed contract also allows for 5 re-openers per side in the period of the contract as well as any other mutually agreed upon re-opener.

Page references are to the proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement posted at

Rights, Benefits, Protections Strengthened

Salaries (p. 27-31)
1% retention raise to the base effective January 16, 2016 for all employees employed before July 1, 2015.

1% of 2014-2015 base salary payroll for Merit raise to the base, to be decided by departmental merit criteria, with minimum amount to be $750 to each eligible faculty member, effective January 16, 2016.

Parental Leave (p. 81-83)
One-child policy ended; 26 weeks of Parental Leave may be divided over 2 children, as long as no more than 2 semesters total are affected.
Online (p. 56-63)
Status quo, with language rewritten only for clarification and additional protections of faculty. Language retained: “No employee shall be required to teach a course as an online course…”
External Tenure and Promotion Letters (p. 18-19; 76)
Each department/unit shall decide whether the candidates in their discipline will have access to the external reviewers’ letters, after a democratic vote of the eligible tenured and tenure-earning faculty and according to the department/unit procedures for changing T&P policies.
Promotions (p. 75)
All members of the bargaining unit will now have promotion procedures, including Research Associates and Instructional Specialists
Tuition Reimbursement for Non-Tenure Track Faculty (p. 115-116)
Faculty who do not have the terminal degree but are enrolled in a program to earn it will now have tuition reimbursement at FIU rates for up to 6 credits per semester.
Overload Pay (p. 63)
Overload pay must be at least $1,000 per credit.
Tuition Waivers (p. 114)
Spouses may now take courses with tuition waived without having to enroll in a degree-seeking program.
Grievance Time Limits (p. 22-23)
The time limit to file grievances and complaints has been extended from 30 to 45 days.
Domestic Partners (p. 93)
Domestic partners of same or opposite sex are now recognized in the agreement, and employees
have Bereavement Leave at the death of a partner.
Policy Changes (p. 50)
Policies may not be changed without collective bargaining.
Job Abandonment (p. 78)
Days when the university is closed may not be counted as days missed in deciding job abandonment.
Dues Deduction and PAC Contributions (p. 32; 40-43)
Minor changes made at UFF request.
Copies of CBA (p. 34)
Copies of the Collective Bargaining Agreement will only be available online (no hard copies),
but will be in searchable format.

Rights, Benefits, Protections Weakened or Lost


UFF Proposals Deferred to Future Bargaining

  • Summer pay for tuition-generating activities like thesis and dissertation direction, not currently compensated.
  • Additional benefits for domestic partners.
  • Increase in overload pay minimum.


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