Action Against Decertification

  Take Action Against Decertification Bill The House Government Accountability Committee will hear HB 25 on Tuesday, December 5, 2017, at 10:30 am. This bill—sponsored by Representative Scott Plakon—, if passed, would add an additional requirement to an employee union’s annual renewal with the Public Employees Relations Commission. That requirement is that each certified bargaining unit of a registered employee organization (UFF) must provide the number of eligible employees for union membership and the number… Continue reading

Decertification Talking Points

  What Can You Do? Identify Talking Points This bill (H.B. 25) comes as no surprise as we have seen efforts like this before in Florida – and numerous nationwide attempts — to take away workers’ rights. This politically motivated legislation is a solution looking for a problem that doesn’t exist in Florida. We are a union of members who choose to participate – no one can be forced to join our union. Florida is… Continue reading

Make Some Calls

  What Can You Do? Identify Talking Points Read the talking points Make Some Calls Please call committee members at their district office or their Tallahassee office tomorrow or Tuesday morning and ask them to vote NO on HB 25. Calling is more effective than e-mails, but any contact is needed now. Member of Committee District Office Tallahassee Office E-mail Address Matt Caldwell (R) Chair (239) 694-0161 (850) 717-5079 Jayer Williamson (R)Vice Chair (850)995-3698… Continue reading

Union Busting

  Union Busting Bill Today we saw the release of the first anti-union legislation to be filed for the 2017 legislative session (HB 11 Information) . This union busting bill comes as no surprise as we have seen efforts like this in Florida before – and numerous nationwide attempts to weaken unions. This is politically and ideologically motivated. If a senate companion is filed and the bills are passed by both chambers, HB 11 by… Continue reading

US Supreme Court

  Supreme Court petition There’s a possibility that Joe Biden could call a vote on Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court before swearing in new senators on January 3rd, and while the sitting senators will be 34 Democrats, 30 Republicans and 2 Independents. Read the details and sign the petition.   Continue reading

FEA Action Center Alert

Your retirement under attack yet again The Florida Retirement System (FRS) was the hot topic this week as it came under attack yet again by House Republican leaders. In what seems to be an ugly tradition, Republicans are continuing to fight to weaken the FRS. Florida currently has a very healthy retirement system, funded at 86.6 percent, which is well above what is considered to be a healthy pension system. It could be even higher,… Continue reading

Koch Brothers

February 25: UnKoch Our Campus / Student Debt Crisis. The corporatization of the university means much higher tuition rates, a shift in conceptualizing education from being a public resource to being an opportunity for private gain, decreasing commitment of public resources to education, massive student debt, a shift from full-time to part time “adjunct” professors, and increasing corporate dictation of university curriculum and priorities. Continue reading