Union Busting


Union Busting Bill

Today we saw the release of the first anti-union legislation
to be filed for the 2017 legislative session
(HB 11 Information)
. This
union busting bill comes as no surprise as we have seen efforts like
this in Florida before – and numerous nationwide attempts to weaken
unions. This is politically and ideologically motivated.

If a senate companion is filed and the bills are passed by both
chambers, HB 11 by Rep. Scott Plakon (R-Longwood) would require:

  • Require each bargaining unit — when they are required to
    register annually — report the bargaining unit size along with the
    number of dues paying members.
  • Require bargaining units with less than 50 percent membership
    will have to gather cards for a representational election unless the
    employer agrees to continue the employer-union relationship (Voluntary
    recognition under s. 447.307 (1)(a), Florida Statutes).
  • Exempt employee organizations that represent law enforcement
    officers, correctional officers and firefighters.

We are reviewing the bill carefully to determine what the potential
impact could be to our locals if in fact it were to pass. Florida is a
right to work state, where any employee reserves the right to not be a
member of a local union and still receive the benefits of the
collectively bargained agreement. Our state constitution affords the
right for any public employee to join a union to represent their
interest in wages and working conditions. Rest assured that FEA will
fight any attempt to deny these rights to Florida’s workers.

In Solidarity,


Joanne M. McCall, President

Florida Education Association



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